Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sure signs of Fall

I have been busy...just s everyone else have had a day with some snow showers and other areas around had 9 nine inches of snow!
As I was out side today with upper 60degree weather and the geese were flying above it was beautiful. I love the signs of fall! Pumpkins, football season, not to mention the kids in
School too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I  have been away from the BLOGGING thing for a while I will try to be better and to make a fun time as well for those that come and joing in.

On that note I am going to change things up and come back and do some upsates.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring is here....

I have many changes going on in my life for the past six months and ready for spring. The new buds are coming on trees. It was in the 80's today and sure felt like summer,

As the change came in December I have moved and started a new . After a broken heart and spirit I am ready for what the Lord has in store of me even more.

River and Mikka are getting so big and grammy time is so important for me and them. I will keep you posted

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Sonday

This was such a blessed day.... with lots cooler was awesome to make some goodies. After going to church this morning and coming home a rejoicing in HIS LOVE.... I was able to take a cat nap and make a Chocolate zucchini cake and some wonderful muffins will share some of the recipes later. Have a bless day tomorrow as we have a long weekend . I will be sharing this time with my family it will be great!

Until tomorrow be blessed in HIS LOVE......

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 20 2011

As the week started my dear hubby flew out on Saturday to go see his dad who was had been ill. As we arrived to the airport we received a call that was telling us that his father is not well at all . So his sister and his brother who lives in New Hemisphere --what was getting ready for Irene (hurricane) we to on the road the Michigan and where held up. So as Dan made it late that even there prayer threw the night was to hang on till brother got there and waiting threw the night with an up date from time to time. Not sleeping well wanting to be there and talking to our kids to see who wanted to travel with me and when we should leave and all this mumble jumble running threw my head.

As I woke up "Sonday" first through was getting the show on the road and let get moving down the road. I received a call as my son and I and LaNaya were ready to go. We got the call that he had passed ..our hearts were heavy and so sad that we were not there for the family at this time.

We had out time set to leave and packed and ready to go and then I received another call saying that it was on Tuesday and it was a full 22 plus hours of traveling and so they asked us not to come that far...I was sad and thought that I was not there for them like I wanted to be . As we all lost someone so dear a father,father in law, grandpa, a great grandpa and uncle,brother..class mate,service man.

So to Albert L Huff we are so honored to have you a a father in our lives and will miss you greatly. Know that you are dancing in Heaven in the arms of Jesus is a sure smile on our hearts. Knowing you BELIEVE in HIM is such a resourceful thing. I have this cross that is curved to fit in a hand of someone ill or just to hold the cross it reminds me of Al know he hung on til all of his children were there to say good-bye.

As they had a Memorial Service tonight as the children talked about how proud they were of him and what a great father he was and the most important thing to them was that he BELIEVED in Jesus. They played the song Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin

Can be listened to here on you tube.

I also love the verse that is on the first first slide of this.
Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of your selves it is the gift of God; not as a results of works, that no one should boast.

At this time please keep them in your prayers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lost and FOUND!!!

What a wonderful hot day today in the Dakotas! I have been a little lost and out of my sorts lately with dear hubby home and not able to post like I wanted to. I have been busy getting my room at work changed and ready to start school on MONDAY!!!

We have had lots of fun at work with all of the sweet kiddos. From making a tranium (sorry for the spelling) for grasshoppers..yep they love to look at them with them hoppers.

We have had some fires around and August has been a hard month for the men / women that keeps us safe. We lost two police officers at the beginning of the month and then a young man age 22 fighting fire in the southern hills it is so sad that they gave there life's protecting us. Prayers for their families would be awesome !!!!!

We also had the 71st Motor cycle classic the first full week of August and WOW was it crazy. During that time our sweet little daughter (LaNaya) worked her tail off busing tables. We are all ready for that week to be over and then we started thinking school.

So I have been working on bulletin boards and sensory tables, and I need to make some curtains and some pillows for my room yet hopeful this weekend I will get some of those things done.

As today we went to help put skirting on the new home of Rissa and Bridger it was lots of fun for the family together. My mom and I went to go walk and see the five derailed cars across the road . And found apples on the way so we cooked up some yummy apples for apple sauce. I have that I will be doing this week as my dear hubby is out visiting his dad who is ill. Please pray for them in travels and for my father in law health also. Thanks I will try keep in touch better. God Bless you all that read this.

Had to share this fun memory that was made the other day when River game to g'ma house and had supper he had so much fun eatting this ear of corn and he ate it all!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10th Building Our Home Together/Jesus

Wow where do I begin.....Lots have been going on and the first thing I want mention yesterday really close by there were three police officers shot in the line of duty, one losing his life and the other two are in serious condition. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM ALL...these are men that are very young and are doing their job to protect you and me. s we pray lets always remember those that are in harms way.

There has been lots going on at our home....daughter got baptized.....FUN .....OLD MAN GONE and NEW MAN LIVES as they would say as each person would go under and come up. There was seventeen people that got got baptized lots of fun. Two that really touched my heart there was a family that had four generation get baptized--Amazing--- and then a bout two years ago this little boy that I loved on so much a a Sunday school teacher lost his life in an horrible car accident just days after his 7th birthday and his mom---L.O. who lost not only a son but a ex husband and another little friend as well. She and her two sons got baptized as well. Amazing to see the tears ---it was amazing. My parents and children all attend this and it was a sweet time to share !

We had the fair I entered fourteen items and placed in 7 of them. I was very happy!!!! I will share more on this in a few days! First place bread recipe ......yummy!

Then my dear hubby is unemployed once again so please pray for him for the Lord to give him peace he thinks he's a failure not staying with a company that things were not done like they should of have been. Then the condemnation set in at times as well so please pray for him.

Also to his stress....his dad who is 76 ( I think) was placed in the hospital a week ago with phenomena( misspelled) and is not doing to well. He thinks he should go see him and not sure about money and with everything that is going on. Please pray for clarity on this for him.

We are also just day away from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to start and so our town is not so quite and there are lots and lots of people here.

THe other thing I am so bumed about is that my camera died and so I can't get the photos I need or want and so I was using my dads and it is not the same!!! I have none of Rivers birthday today :(.

On ending with a sweet note a year ago today I got be to with my daughter when she gave birth to River Kingston...Yep it is hard to believe that he is ONE today!!!!!